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A History of Helping Clients Thrive


Digital companies pop up quickly, and usually disappear just as fast. The landscape is increasingly competitive, and technologies change at an alarming rate. Many companies just can't cut it.

Founded in 1996 in vibrant Madison, Wisconsin, Clotho Digital has thrived. We continue to succeed thanks to our ability to adapt and innovate. Back in the day, clients would come to us with a specific need, and often there wasn't an available solution to solve it. So we built solutions from scratch. From custom content management systems to quirky flash-based games, we've done it all.

Clearly, times have changed. Today, basic CMS platforms are available to the masses, and our team is designing even more complex solutions for a broad range of business and user needs. We continue to tailor our solutions based on specific business needs—helping each of our clients dominate online.

Whether you need experienced web developers or strategic digital thinkers, we're ready to help.

Our process is dynamic and strategic.

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