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We Work Differently


Our process is dynamic because every project is unique. Whether you come to us with a specific idea or you're not sure where to start, we work with clients to mix-and-match our services in order to offer the best solution.


We take the time to understand your business.

To help you thrive digitally, we start by truly understanding your business. When you work with Clotho Digital, you'll be working with the same team from start to finish—no lapses or gaps. Through better understanding, we're able to think critically about potential solutions in order to arrive at the best one. That's why so many of our clients lean on us for support in all of their business systems—it's what sets us apart.


Our Process Looks Something Like This



We start every project with one question: Why? We think critically about every step of exploration, frequently uncovering unforeseen hurdles, missed opportunities and a whole new way of thinking about end user needs and how we'll meet them.


Definition Of Strategy

Next, we take the time to articulate overall project strategy, ensuring that everyone's on the same page and all objectives are accounted for.


Outline Technical Architecture

As we're developing technical architecture for any project, we're always focused on how it fits with our defined strategy. This is when specification decisions are made and expectations for final execution are outlined. Then, each project takes its own course.


Specs & Programming

Whether you want weekly check-in calls or a monthly update report, we'll keep you posted on the build of your project.


Project Launch

Before any project goes live, we put it through rigorous reviews and quality assurance checks. After rounds of testing and client approval, we'll push it live.


Continuing Support

We're here for you well after the launch of your project. You can lean on us for maintenance, analytical reviews and recommended updates. We'll come to you with new ideas and important industry changes.

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