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Amelia Bay

Agencies come to us all the time with tight timelines. Their client needs something fast, and they need to find the right partner to help them execute. While not all of them are realistic, we'll always do our best to meet your needs with a high-quality product you can be proud of. For all-natural tea brewer Amelia Bay, we did just that.

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Project Summary

ColinKurtis, an advertising agency based in Rockford, Illinois, reached out to us to build their client's new site. Having never worked with either party before, we needed to quickly ramp up our understanding of the client and their business. Up for the challenge, the result is a crisp, updated website and content management system (CMS) that can grow and evolve as business needs change.

Through adept project management, we were able to tackle this project with a challenging timeline and implemented a successful final product that was well-received by the client.

Project Technologies

Bootstrap, HTML5, Sitefinity