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In need of a faster, more accurate way for distributors to process claims, Aprilaire turned to us for help. Playing a business analyst role, we examined current user needs and helped to create a cloud-based solution.

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Project Summary

Aprilaire came to us with a problem, but they didn't know where to start for a solution. The process they used for distributors to enter warranty claims was antiquated, consisting of three separate internal teams coordinating via emails and phone calls. The process was inefficient and error-prone.

Over the course of many meetings, we identified every step of the process and the unique pain points for each internal team (including customer service, corporate and engineering). Using this information to guide our solution, we developed an online business application where distributors can quickly process a claim and track its status. Connected to their customer relationship management (CRM) tool, Aprilaire can get insights and learnings to their engineering team as they identify causes of a particular defect. We even built in a level of fraud protection—something that wasn't available to the team when claims were processed manually.

We continue to work with Aprilaire on a consistent basis, providing solutions for their unique business needs as they arise.

Project Technologies

Restful APIs, Custom ASP.NET, Bootstrap, Sitefinity